Skagit County directed Rich Monroe to create a government access channel with consistent programming and a positive local identity and he delivered. Monroe built Skagit-21 Government Access TV from the ground up into a fully scheduled, 24/7 community television station complete with online on-demand video archives at As Station Manager, he dealt with all operational aspects of the station including equipment purchases, system integration, and IT management on the stations LAN. Finally, he was directly responsible to manage and upload all online on-demand station media for the county web site.

Monroe used his production expertise daily for all production requirements, including weekly live Board of County Commissioners meetings and monthly live Skagit County Planning Commission meetings. Twelve hours of fresh program content was edited, packaged, compressed and inserted into playback weekly on Comcast Channel 21 in Skagit County. He worked directly with county department heads and staff to coordinate and produce spontaneous community service programming as needed for quick insertions on Skagit-21.

Monroe directed well over 300 hours of live television and produced countless live-on-tape programs for the public while employed by Skagit County. Most of his content through 2009 is available for review online in the Skagit-21 archives at